Wind Projects

Spring Hill

Future Energy Pty Ltd has commenced the development of a two turbine wind farm approximately 6.5 km east of Skipton, Victoria. Once approved, the wind farm will connect to the existing 22 kV electricity network in the area and will produce the equivalent energy usage of around 2700 households.

The planning application for the Spring Hill Wind Farm will be lodged with the Minister for Planning in the coming months. The application will be assessed against thePolicy and Planning Guidelines for the Development of Wind Energy Facilities in Victoria which sets standards and limits including the following:

  • Sound compliance
  • Landscape impact
  • Shadow and flicker
  • Impact to flora and fauna
  • Impact to cultural heritage, and
  • Electromagnetic interference.

At the appropriate time, all the planning documents relating to the wind farm will be available for public viewing at the Corangamite Shire Council Offices in Camperdown and will also be accessible via the wind farm website.

For further information, please refer to the Spring Hill Wind Farm website

Alternatively, you can contact us on (03) 9429 5629 or via email at