Investment Opportunities in Renewable Energy

For over a decade, wind has been the world's fastest growing energy source on a percentage basis. The installed base of turbines has been growing at >20% a year for the past five years, and if growth trends continue at this pace, wind capacity will double about every three or four years. The reason for this continued growth is simply that of all renewable technologies, wind is the most cost-effective in comparison to fossil-fuelled power generation.

In Australia the industry’s growth has been driven by the Renewable Energy Target legislation which mandates that energy retailers must purchase increasing amounts of renewable energy every year until 2020 to achieve a total of 41,500GWh annually. This level will remain as an obligation until 2030.

Once constructed, and provided that secure long-term Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are in place, wind farms represent a low risk/low volatility infrastructure investment offering stable returns that are well matched to the investment profile of self-managed and institutional superannuation investors.

All our projects are structured to provide opportunities for direct investment in renewable energy generation by sophisticated corporate and syndicate entities.

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